Due to large audience coverage, TV advertising is the most perspective way to get acquainted with product and service.

Our company is pleased to offer services for commercials placement on Belarusian TV channels.

Сompetent media planning based on media research allows to optimize and distribute  advertising campaign budget in the best way.

We’ll do everything to make your advertisement noticed by potential clients:

- we’ll find you the most interesting thematic programs for the target audience;
- determine the optimal time broadcating schedule;
- we’ll develop effective media plans based on specifics of your  business and clients.

To improve the effectiveness of ad campaign we also use non-standard methods of promotion on TV, such as: "partner nominations", "product placement", "banner ad", etc.

We offer free adaptation of video materials for our clients. Doberman Film will be happy to answer your questions.


High quality sound and image, the audience's mood to take information turn cinema advertising into one of the most effective tools for promoting your product.

Additional  advantages:
- the ability to influence target audience by choosing film programme (for ex., we launch ad campaign for children's products during the release of a new animated blockbuster);

- cinema viewers are more active and more inclined to spend money on goods and entertainment;

- Commercial break in the cinema is not so saturated (as on TV) and that also improves video’s memorability;

- "inevitability" of viewing: audience will surely watch the video;

We place ads:
- in ALL cinemas of Minsk;
- cinemas of regional cities (Gomel, Vitebsk, Grodno, Mogilev, Brest, Grodno)
- cinemas in other large cities of Belarus (Novopolotsk, Baranovichi, Polotsk, Dzerzhinsk, Molodechno, Soligorsk, Mozyr, Lida, etc.).

The cost of cinema advertising depends on many factors: timing, attendance,  cinema hall occupancy, cinema class, etc.

For more detailed information and calculation of the ads placement cost, please contact with our specialists.


Various architecture and locations,  compactness of the country and Minsk, low rental and specialist fees combined with high professionalism - all this and much more is attracting foreign companies for production of  feature films, TV series and commercials in Belarus. The number of successfully implemented projects is great: "Piranha Hunting", "Brest Fortress", "Crystal", "Dandies", "Legend No. 17" and many others.

Doberman Film is ready to provide high-quality production service in Belarus:
- organization of filming country-wide;
- administrative and shooting permissions support;
- visas support and accomodation of the film crew;
- casting;
- location scouting;
- production of props, decorations, special effects;
- catering;
- post-production services: editing, color correction, 2D and 3D graphics production.


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